Please read through the questions and awnsers listed below before contacting me. They may awnser any questions you may have before you ask. I will respond to any other questions or requests normally within the same business that they are recieved.

Who are you and what do you do?

Well since I have no clue who your are at the moment, you can refer to me as "Designer", at least until we've established some sort of working relationship. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a web graphics designer catering to the adult entertainment industry. I will do work for other industries if requested but adult sites are my specialty. I should emphasize the word "GRAPHICS" because that pretty much sums up the services I will or can provide to you. If you require any other services other than graphic / web design, I can possibly put you in touch with some one that can but please don't ask unless you require my services.

What are your rates?

I normally charge by the hour, but for individual items such as banners / ads / buttons, I have preset prices. These preset prices are ball park figures that may increase or decrease depending on compexity and or special requirements.

Standard Hourly Rate - $35.00/hr

Banners - $75 and up (discount for large orders)
Full Page Ads - $125 and up
Main Pages - $500 and up
Tour Pages - $200 and up

Full Sites and any other custom Customs Graphics - please inquire.

*I will discount prices according to the amount of work you throw at me - The bigger the job / number of jobs, the better the deal.

What method of payment do you accept?

For the time being, I do not accept any type of credit card or any credit card sevices , sorry. I will only accept Cheques, Certified Cheques, or Money Orders.

How soon can you start and how long will it take?

When I start a job, obviously depends on how busy I am. I normally start jobs in the order that I receive them, but say I'm in the middle of some huge site and you just need a couple banners, I can probably squeeze those in at the same time and get them to you reasonably quick. I will always give you a rough time frame when I receive your request. If you have any kind of deadline please let me know well in advance.

How will the design process work?

After you contact me with your design request and I accept it, I will begin the process by asking you for any special requirements, preferences, etc... you may have. As I continue on through the design, I will upload the work in progress to a directory on my server and send you a link so I can get your thoughs and opinions. I will not go too far ahead with any design, specially with larger jobs, with out you approval. Once the job is done, or for bigger jobs 1/2 done, you will courier a cheque to me. Once I've received the payment, I will wait for it to clear before I send, or let you download the finished product. I can also upload it to what ever directory you specify if you want. You do not get my working files, that would be like giving out Colonel Sanders secret recipe, it will never happen.This is the only way I do business, so don't ask to change it.

*Once you've approved the final product, I allow one free revision (within reason), otherwise it's back to the hourly rate.

How can I contact you?

Just click on the "CONTACT" button below for any further questions or requests for work. After which time I will send you a phone number if further discussion is necessary.